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جنيه 70.00
With all the hype that preceded the launch of the Apple iPhone 7, this wonderful phone has finally reached the market, and again remains true to all these expec..
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With all the hype that preceded the launch of the Apple iPhone 7, this wonderful phone has finally reached the market, and again remains true to all these expectations and expectations. This Apple iPhone 7 smartphone comes with the best battery life ever, and lasts for more than two hours compared to the iPhone 6S. The Apple iPhone 7 includes the new and highly advanced Fusion A10 CPU, which offers 40 percent faster speeds than previous models. It features a 12 megapixel rear camera and a 7 megapixel front camera, which includes Optical Image Stabilization, which in turn eliminates hand-shake vibrations and ensures you capture clear, crisp images without interference. This Apple iPhone 7 comes with FaceTime compatible with the camera and supports the 4G LTE connection option.

Boom your iPhone on the ground, in the water and in the air

There is no need to be afraid to show off your iPhone anywhere, because Apple has given you more reasons to protect your phone from smudges, dust and water, with intelligent engineering design. Where the Apple iPhone 7 smartphone can sink under a depth of one meter of water for 30 minutes.

Unmatched performance

Yes, what we're talking about today is the advanced Fusion A10 quad-core 64-bit CPU, which has a greater speed than the A9 processor by 40 percent. The Fusion A10 includes two core CPUs. The first is a high-performance dual-core processing unit, and another highly efficient dual-core processing unit. The high-performance dual-core processor runs all heavy duty requirements and functions on the phone smoothly, including video and game playback, and so on, while the other dual-core processor delivers significant power and general functionality. These processing units ensure you consume the minimum power and perform the most difficult tasks when needed. The structure of these processors also greatly enhances battery life. This Apple smartphone also includes a graphics processing unit that delivers significant graphics improvements and reduces power consumption by 50 percent. While the iOS 10 provides 3D touch functionality and significant improvements, as well as a smooth and high performance user interface. This operating system also renews the way people communicate. Now you can say goodbye to those boring texts. With the Apple iPhone 7 you can send personal messages to your loved ones in your handwriting.
Who needs DSLR when he has an Apple iPhone 7?

The Apple Iphone 7 smartphone is equipped with a powerful 12 megapixel camera and a large f / 1.8 slot with Optical Image Stabilization feature that allows you to capture a sharp image even in low light conditions. This camera features a six-lens lens construction, allowing you to capture images more accurately, detail, and brighter. On the front, you will have a 7 megapixel camera, which is five megapixels higher than its predecessor in iPhone 6S. The Silvi camera also includes the Image Stabilization feature to obtain silphy images free from interference and blurry. 
More colors, pictures of realism

The screen This Apple iPhone 7 smartphone is on the HD Retina screen which features a wider color gamut than before, making it on display. This wide color gamut provides more color-coded shadows that can be used to get the images magnificently. Searching like this, the visuals will appear on the nose. You may be inspecting the pictures for your video holidays, the colors will look very accurate, it will look like you.

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